What are you choosing?

“As if you have time for that!”

This was a response from a woman eavesdropping on a conversation I had with a family member recently when discussing therapies for a health issue. I had shared a stretching exercise to try before bedtime, recommended by a neuromuscular therapist for the specific issue. The woman was a proponent of pill-popping, offering suggestions for various drugs to “fix” the problem quickly, and rejected the inclusion of stretching and exercise to treat it.

And so it goes…

I don’t take this personally, however I DO take this seriously. My years in the nursing profession have revealed to me time and again the affects of stress on our bodies. If we are not taking time to nourish ourselves with healthy movement (and clean food), we will continue to suffer the ill effects, no matter what pill or surgery or “band-aid” we choose to mask the underlying issue.

This is not my opinion, it is a scientifically proven fact.

If there is no “time” to love yourself, your capacity – and time – to love others WILL fall short of its potential. If you are someone who uses lack of time as an excuse for not exercising, what toxic or unsupportive person, thing or behavior can you eliminate from your life to free up the time to take care of yourself?

Please reject the idea that being healthy or fit is dependent on adding “more” to your schedule. It is simply committing to a DIFFERENT schedule than what you might currently have. Consider passing on that 30-minute TV show that adds little to no value to your life, or that phone call with a “friend” who sucks the life out of you. We all have the same 24-hours in a day. The difference between us all is what we CHOOSE to do with it.

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