About Me

About Me - Suzanne CatherineI am a woman on a mission to share my unique life’s experiences to inspire and empower other women to be the healthiest version of themselves!

The knowledge I have gleaned from my career as a nurse, my experience as a fitness competitor/model and as a mother of a child with food sensitivities has afforded me the freedom to make extraordinarily informed decisions about my health.  As a result, I have enjoyed the enormous benefits of being fit in my forties Рan accomplishment of a level of health and wellness that far surpasses what I knew in my younger years.

I have never felt better, and I am committed to sharing with utmost transparency and integrity how I live my healthful life, for the benefit of others.

I thank you for following your instincts to find yourself here, reading my blog. I appreciate that there are many places to gather information, and hope that you find your visit with me worth your time, as I value yours.

I believe that no matter how many times we’ve read a thing before, there is always someone who will share it in their own unique way that will spark within the reader a shift in perspective – and in a moment, we can be forever changed.

If you leave this page with just one piece of information that is of value to you, I would be so happy, and I invite you to pass it on so that together we can continue the ripple of energy toward the pursuit of great health!